Melber in tough spot. Playbook on the spot. Plus: Milley-Nilly. | Winners & Losers in Today’s Green Room


Ari Melber

One MSNBC host has been steadily delivering from his difficult timeslot for a long time, and that’s no small thing, says Mediaite’s Colby Hall, who explains the ins and outs of today’s media win:

Cable news programming is difficult. In some cases, it’s very difficult, especially in those awkward parts of a daily sked. Morning shows start the day and collect whatever leftover glory hasn’t been gobbled up by prime time hosts. And daytime anchors are charged with mostly “advancing the runners,” to use a baseball metaphor.

But that space between traditional 9-5 day part and prime time is sort of a nether-region of programming. The cable news “taint,” if you will.

And while it’s almost impossible to find the right
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