Cable News Ratings Tuesday, September 14: California Recall Coverage Boosts All Nets in Prime Time; Fox Takes Top Spot

The big three cable news networks all saw a ratings boost in late night as the nation braced for news in the California recall.

The polls closed at 8 p.m. PDT, and to the surprise of many the race was called within the hour for incumbent Governor Gavin Newsom.

CNN managed to crack a million viewers for each of its shows through primetime — 1 million at 8 pm, 1.1 million at 9 pm, 1.05 million at 10 pm, and 1.01 million at 11 pm (the hour the results came in).

MSNBC took second place overall, with 1.53 million at 8 pm, 2.61 million at 9, 1.81 million at 10, and 1.9 million at 11.

Fox News once again took first place,
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