Megyn Kelly Accuses Madonna of Wearing a Fake Butt to the VMAs: ‘Absolutely No Way’ That’s ‘Her Real Bottom’

Megyn Kelly accused Madonna of sporting a fake butt at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards.

Although Kelly did not watch the VMAs, she still insisted that she and her guests, Fox News’ Janice Dean and podcaster Adam Carolla, address “Madonna’s ass.”

“There is 100 percent that that is fake,” she argued on Monday’s The Megyn Kelly Show. “There is absolutely no way that that’s her real bottom.”

While Kelly claimed she was not telling Madonna to “age gracefully,” or to resemble Daisy Werthan from Driving Miss Daisy, she still took issue with how much skin the Queen of Pop was showing.

“I know that the right thing to say is like, you go girl, 63! And that’s what 63 looks like and you’re still holding it
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