Adam Carolla Prompts Gavin Newsom to Say Broken Families Have a ‘Huge Impact’ on Economic Woes Among Minorities

Podcast host Adam Carolla squared off with California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) on Tuesday over the economic woes facing minorities in his state, prompting Newsom to say he believed broken families had a “huge impact” on Black Americans.

The exchange began with Newsom noting half of his state’s Black residents and half of Latino residents do not have access to checking accounts or ATMs. “What’s wrong with them?” Carolla prodded, to which Newsom said, “They don’t have the resources to sock those things away.”

Carolla argued the economic hardship was created largely by broken families. Newsom said he agreed family was “profoundly important,” leading to the following exchange.

Carolla: Well, you can’t not agree with me. It’s the number one 1 problem they’re having.

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