Firefighter’s Daughter Highlights Cancers Still Plaguing 9/11 Victims and First Responders: It Will ‘Outnumber the Number of People Who Died on 9/11’

Fox News’ Jon Scott highlighted the widespread impact of cancers and illness related to the Sept. 11 attacks on Saturday, along with 9/11 victims’ attorney James Steiner and Bridget Gormley, the daughter of a 9/11 firefighter who passed away from cancer.

“We were the lucky ones right? My father came home,” Gormley told Scott. “But 17 years later, the cloud loomed over his shoulder and he was diagnosed with cancer in December 2016.”

Scott responded, “And there are thousands of firefighters, roughly 70% of those who worked on the pile who have been diagnosed with some kind of cancer.”

“Not just firemen too, but everybody who lived down here — students, residents — all coming down with cancer now. It just
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