CNN’s Jim Acosta Wonders What Happened to Unity U.S. Had After 9/11, Suggests Putting Covid ‘On the List of Most Wanted Terrorists’

CNN’s Jim Acosta celebrated “the country coming together” in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks, noting that while the U.S. has since become divided, “we can be this country again.”

At some point after Sept. 11, said Acosta, “we lost our way,” and listed the invasion of Iraq and financial crisis of 2008 as examples.

“Yes, there were historic moments that made so many Americans proud,” he continued. “America elected the first Black president. The U.S. did hunt down Osama bin Laden, but something else happened to us.”

“We didn’t just become divided, we let hate into our hearts for each other,” Acosta added. “There was an expression used after 9/11: ‘all gave some, some gave all.’ We don’t really
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