Schwarzenegger Warns CA Recall ‘Very Dangerous’ for Newsom

Photo by TOLGA AKMEN/AFP via Getty Images.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has warned that the California recall election seeking to oust Gavin Newsom could be “very dangerous” for the current governor.

Schwarzenegger, who served as the Golden State’s 38th governor for eight years after winning as a Republican in a recall against Democratic Gov. Gray Davis in 2003, told CNN.

“There’s millions of people out there that are dissatisfied, dissatisfied maybe the way the corona was handled, dissatisfied with the fires, dissatisfied with the blackouts,” he told Dana Bash.

“But you’re saying dangerous for Gavin Newsom,” asked Bash.

“Oh it’s very dangerous, yes, absolutely,” responded Schwarzenegger. “It’s very dangerous for him because you got to take this stuff seriously. For too long,
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