Last U.S. Missile Strike in Afghanistan War Killed 7 Children, 3 Adults, and Didn’t Destroy ISIS Bomb As Officials Had Claimed: NYT

Wakil Kohsar/Getty Images

On August 29, a U.S. drone carried out the last known missile strike of the war in Afghanistan. American officials at the time called it a “righteous strike” on a vehicle whose driver they said had been acting suspiciously based on his movements that day. The strike in Kabul occurred two days after a suicide bomber killed more than 100 Afghans and 13 U.S. service members.

Officials claimed there were secondary explosions after the missile hit its target, thereby indicating the presence of explosives. The military also said the vehicle was seen leaving a suspected ISIS safe house a few miles from Hamid Karzai International Airport. The driver’s family vehemently denied he had any association
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