Shaq Slams NBA Star’s Work Ethic: ‘$30 Million to Dribble A Basketball’ You’re Obligated to ‘Put on a Good Show’

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Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons has been mocked and ridiculed after a frustrating NBA Playoff performance earlier this year. Those criticisms have only escalated since Simmons conveyed demands to be traded.

Hall-of-Famer and star basketball analyst Shaquille O’Neal has been one of Simmons’ biggest critics. During a recent appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, Shaq ripped Simmons for his work ethic, claiming the former All-Star is bringing all of the jeers on himself.

“We are obligated to put on a good show,” Shaq said of NBA players. “They’re paying us $20-30 million to dribble a basketball. Put on a good show!”

“They’re asking you to work on your game,” O’Neal continued of the feud between Philly and Simmons.
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