Stephen A. Smith Destroys Hypocritical Pro Athletes for Taking Supplements and Refusing the Vaccine: ‘Biggest DAMN LIE IMAGINABLE’

If Stephen A. Smith were running the NFL, players would either get vaccinated or they would stay off the field.

The NFL reports nearly 93 percent of its players have been inoculated against Covid-19, but some of the remaining seven percent are touting vaccine hesitancy.

“They lucky I ain’t running the NFL,” Smith said of players who refuse to get vaccinated. “Best Interest of the League Clause. You wouldn’t play.”

The league can’t mandate the vaccine without approval from the NFL Players Association. But Smith would attempt to invoke “The Best Interest of the League Clause,” considering the decision to remain unvaccinated can be a danger to others.

“It’s shameful when athletes talk about, ‘oh it’s a private matter.’ It is
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