Charlie Sykes Slams ‘Hypocrites’ at Fox News for ‘Mocking the Vaccines While Being Vaccinated’

On Monday’s ReidOut, Charlie Sykes ripped “the Tucker Carlsons and the Laura Ingrahams of the world” for comments they’ve made on their primetime Fox News shows casting doubt on the Covid-19 vaccine and proposing unproven forms of treatment.

Earlier in the day, Sykes’ newsletter for The Bulwark cited numerous instances of vocal anti-vaccine conservatives contracting Covid and dying.

Citing a tweet by David Frum, Sykes said that unlike Fox News hosts like Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, those conservatives had “walked the walk”:

On the other hand, at least these anti-vax local radio hosts walked the walk – unlike their national TV counterparts, who promote anti-vaccination delusions to viewers while carefully protecting themselves by immunization and
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