WATCH: Unvaccinated Florida Woman Comes Home From Covid Hospitalization To Find Unvaxxed Husband Dead Of Covid

Florida woman Lisa Steadman came home from abeing hospitalized with COVID-19 and tragically found her husband had died of the disease while she was gone. Neither of them had been vaccinated.

Steadman and her husband Ron Steadman, of Winter Haven, were both diagnosed with Covid, but while Mrs. Steadman went to the hospital, Mr. Steadman stayed home to take care of their dogs.

In a heart-wrenching interview, Mrs. Steadman told local ABC station WFTS what she found when she got home, and why she and her husband had not been vaccinated prior to falling ill. WFTSS’ McKenna King reports:

“I could hear our little dogs. They were all in the bedroom together, the dogs and
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