Bill Simmons Trashes ‘Depressing’ ESPN for Bungling Rachel Nichols Diversity Drama: ‘Disaster’ on ‘How to Handle a Crisis’

Ex-ESPN star Bill Simmons previously discussed his “f*cking sh*tty” divorce with The Worldwide Leader before launching his highly successful project The Ringer. And on Friday, Simmons commented on the recent ugly ending at ESPN for another one of their star employees, Rachel Nichols.

ESPN’s decision to erase Nichols from their airwaves has been met with significant backlash as the decision looks to be a consequence of controversial audio that was leaked earlier this summer.

“Pieces I read from media reporters are all like, ‘wow that was just completely F’d up by ESPN.’ What a disaster over a course of a year for how to handle a crisis,” Simmons told his guest Jim Miller, who wrote a detailed book
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