Tucker Carlson Says It’s ‘Confusing’ That Bisexual Oregon Governor Kate Brown Is Married to a Man

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson opened his show going after Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s newly announced covid policies on Wednesday night, but he started off with a tangent about her sexuality.

Brown announced a new outdoor mask mandate in the state for everyone, including vaccinated people, over concerns about the spread of the delta variant.

Carlson slammed Brown over this, but not before a riff about her being bisexual:

Why is this relevant? Well, the media didn’t explain, they told us without exactly explaining what it meant, that this fact was historic and it was highly thrilling. Kate Brown’s sex life was shattering ceilings. Woo-hoo.

The Fox News host then actually proceeded to say it is “weird” and “confusing” that a bisexual
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