Joe Rogan Says He’ll Refund Fans if Venues Require Vax Proof: I Wont Force Vaccines for a ‘F*cking Stupid Comedy Show’

Joe Rogan said he would refund any unvaccinated fans who were planning to attend his comedy show at venues where proof of vaccination is required.

Rogan made the comments during an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience last week, in which he and his guest Meghan Murphy faulted certain politicians for laws they enacted amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Murphy, a Canadian writer who was banned from Twitter for comments many deemed transphobic, first hit at Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau for prohibiting anti-lockdown protests throughout the pandemic while allowing Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

“This BLM protest that happened during Covid is fine, but this anti-lockdown protest is illegal, essentially,” Murphy said of Trudeau’s pandemic regulations. “And people don’t see why that’s a
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