Sean Penn Tells CNN Covid Vaccinations Should Be As Mandatory As ‘Turning On Your Headlights’ At Night

Actor Sean Penn told CNN’s Michael Smerconish that Covid-19 vaccinations should be mandatory, and compared being unvaccinated to “pointing a gun in somebody’s face.”

Penn, a vocal proponent of Covid vaccines, had held off on working on the TV series Gaslit until the entire cast and crew were vaccinated.

According to Penn, NBCUniversal had a “zone” for actors and crew members who would be in close proximity to the cast — they were required to be vaccinated. However, that mandate did not apply to crew members who were not working closely to the cast.

“Actors are protected, but if a stagehand is working alongside a stagehand who is not protected then they can get sick,” Penn said Saturday. “I didn’t want
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