Senate Candidate Josh Mandel Lashes Out Over Covid Question He Calls ‘Immoral,’ Then Rages at Media: ‘You Guys Are the Enemy’

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel was asked a straightforward question by a local TV reporter about the possibility of children acting as carriers and transmitters of Covid-19.

Mandel is a former Ohio state treasurer who is vying for the 2022 GOP nomination to replace the retiring Rob Portman, a Republican.

The issue of whether to require children to mask up in school as the school year has proven to be something of a lightning rod. As of now, the vaccine against Covid-19 has not received authorization for emergency use for people under the age of 12 like it has for everyone over that age.

“Kids aren’t vaccinated at this point,” Josh Rultenberg of Spectrum News 1 in Ohio said
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