Doug Gottlieb Slams NFL Stars Kirk Cousins and Lamar Jackson for Refusing Vaccine: You’re ‘Embarrassing the Entire Profession’

With the NFL reporting nearly 90 percent of its players are vaccinated, two prominent quarterbacks continue to make headlines for refusing the jab.

“You can’t be a quarterback in the NFL unless you’re highly intelligent. Smart people can do stupid things,” Fox Sports Radio host Doug Gottlieb ranted against the NFL’s unvaxxed population.

Last week, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins announced he would consider surrounding himself with plexiglass to avoid Covid, despite refusing the more effective protection offered by getting vaccinated. Later, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson returned to training camp unvaccinated after being sidelined by Covid twice in eight months.

“Fool me twice it’s on me, that’s the Lamar Jackson thing and the Kirk
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