Clay Travis Claims Kirk Cousins Gets Harsher Anti-Vax Treatment from Media Than Lamar Jackson Because of ‘Race’

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Kirk Cousins and Lamar Jackson have been the leading voices among unvaccinated NFL quarterbacks so far. According to Outkick founder Clay Travis, sports media is more focused on chastising Cousins, who is White, than Jackson, who is Black, because of race.

“Kirk Cousins was ripped to the high heavens for his choice not to get the vaccine. Why isn’t Lamar Jackson treated the exact same way by the media?” Travis asked on his Outkick the Show.

Travis noted he is in Jackson’s camp and similarly won’t be getting vaccinated because he already has antibodies after previously having Covid. Jackson, however, was recently an example of a breakthrough case for those relying on antibodies, testing positive for Covid a second
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