‘We’re a Free Country,’ Says Fox News’ Trace Gallagher, And ‘I Shouldn’t Have to Wear a Mask Because You Chose Not to Get Vaccinated.’

Fox News anchor Trace Gallagher on Sunday blamed the rising Covid-19 cases in the U.S. on not enough vaccinations, saying he thinks “it’s a mistake not to get vaccinated because the bottom line, it could save your life.”

Fox Nation host Abby Hornacek began the conversation by bringing up former President Barack Obama’s 60th birthday party where “he was seen dancing maskless,” as well as noting the ongoing protests in France against its Covid-19 health pass.

“If that ends up happening here in the United States, do you think we’ll see the same thing?” she asked.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s possible. People are pushing back on this kind of thing,” Gallagher replied. “And by the way, the Obama
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