John Oliver Creates Anti-Opioid Site to Blast Purdue Pharma President for Fueling the Opioid Crisis

John Oliver has dedicated another segment to the opioid crisis — blasting Purdue Pharma president Richard Sackler for his role in the epidemic.

“We want to focus on just one company tonight, Purdue Pharma, whose rollout of OxyContin arguably fueled the opioid crisis,” Oliver said on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, referring to the company’s part in boosting the nation’s Oxycodone addiction.

While Oliver has covered the topic before, the host addressed it again as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that there were more than 93,000 deaths from drug overdoses last year. The number has jumped from the 2,151 deaths recorded in 2019.

“In recent years, both the company and the family have found themselves being investigated by the DoJ and
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