Joe Rogan Tears Into Conservatives for Embracing Cancel Culture: ‘I Didn’t Know You F*cking Idiots Would Do the Same Sh*t’

On Friday, Joe Rogan reacted with puzzlement to the conservatives who criticized Black Rifle Coffee Company CEO and founder Evan Hafer for remarks he made in an interview with The New York Times.

“When people were attacking you, I got butt-hurt,” said Rogan. “I was like, come on. Evan? Get the fuck outta here.”

The company is popular among conservatives, and that includes certain extremist elements, such as Eric Munchel, a.k.a. “zip-tie guy,” who has an affinity for the brand and was photographed wearing a Black Rifle hat after he stormed the Capitol on January 6.

In the Times feature, titled, “Can the Black Rifle Coffee Company Become the Starbucks of the Right?” Hafer denounced the extremist elements on the right.
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