Colbert’s Cartoon Anchors Brutally Mock the ‘Unvaccinated’s Fountain of Wisdom and Virtue’ Sean Hannity

The cartoon anchors of Stephen Colbert’s Tooning Out the News brutally mocked Fox News host Sean Hannity on Tuesday — slamming him as the “unvaccinated’s fountain of wisdom.”

Fictional host Tory Hughes first took a crack at those still unvaccinated for the coronavirus, joking that the White House is struggling to reach the “30 percent of Americans who are skeptical of mainstream Sandy Hook believing media.”

“The unvaccinated’s fountain of wisdom and virtue articulated his follower’s concerns,” Hughes added, referring to Hannity.

Hughes then played a clip of the Fox News host from August 2, in which he noted that Americans were assured that if they received their doses, life would get back to normal, demanding “truthful answers.”

Hannity went on to exclaim
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