Montel Williams Makes Impassioned Plea for People to Get Vaxxed: ‘If You Care Anything About Another Human Being, Then Get the Vaccination’

Former talk show host Montel Williams told CNN’s Victor Blackwell that he’s feeling better after contracting Covid-19 after being fully vaccinated. Williams is one of an increasing number of fully vaccinated individuals who are experiencing “breakthrough” cases that are very often mitigated by having been fully vaxed. While the vaccine does not prevent people from getting the disease, it vastly reduces the chances being hospitalized or dying due to Covid.

“I’m feeling better,” Williams said about his illness last month. “Way better.”

Williams said he believes he got the virus from a maskless, sickly looking man who invaded his personal space indoors.

He said he “texted my wife at that moment and said, ‘You can’t believe that some butthead walked
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