DHS Secretary Mayorkas Urges Cubans to Stop ‘Taking to the Seas’ to With Hopes of Asylum in America

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Monday urged that Cubans cease “taking to the seas” to escape the country’s regime.

“You came and fled from Cuba as a boy,” MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell noted in an afternoon interview with Mayorkas. “How do you feel about human rights groups, refugee groups, criticizing you — Cuban Americans criticizing you for your messaging to Cuba and Haiti, ‘Don’t come here, don’t try to get here illegally, don’t get on those boats,’ given your own family background?”

Mayorkas said his family “lost everything they had in Cuba” before his parents brought him to the United States in 1960, when he was one-year-old.

“The message that I communicated, the message that our administration is communicating is, one,
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