PragerU Tweets AZ Gov. Candidate, Former News Anchor, Saying Media Overhypes Covid: ‘Too Much at Stake to Just Scare People Like That’

Kari Lake, a former news anchor for Fox 10 Phoenix and candidate for governor of Arizona in 2022, said the dangers of Covid-19 have been exaggerated. Lake resigned from the station earlier this year, and in a video for PragerU originally released in June, she alleged liberal bias in the news media.

PragerU re-upped perhaps the most notable part of that appearance on Sunday.

“I feel there was a narrative of, ‘Let’s keep this going,’” she said. “‘Really hard on Covid. Covid, Covid.’”

And it’s a travesty. But @karilake has courage.

— PragerU (@prageru) August 1, 2021

Lake acknowledged the “horrible stories” of families negatively impacted by the virus. “I’m not discounting that,” she said. “But
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