WATCH: Lorde Does Not Flinch Once While Eating Hot Ones’ Spiciest Wings

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Lorde remained entirely unfazed while eating the spiciest wing offered on viral YouTube segment Hot Ones — which honestly checks out.

Lorde appeared on the latest episode of First We Feast’s interview segment Hot Ones, during which celebrities are interviewed while eating increasingly spicy wings — wowing both fans as well as host Sean Evans with her ability to handle the heat.

Lorde remained calm throughout the episode, answering all of Evans’ questions with ease, while most stars — celebrity chefs included — struggle to focus quite early into the interview.

Showing no sign of defeat, Lorde, giving her perfect Legally Blonde “What, like it’s hard?” face, also told Evans that the hot wings have been “a really delicious lunch.”

While admitting that she didn’t
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