Joe Rogan Says Gay and Transgender People are ‘Most Vicious’ Champions of Cancel Culture Because ‘They’ve Been Bullied’ and Want Revenge

Joe Rogan seems to have cracked the cancel culture code — claiming that members of the LGBTQ+ community are the “most vicious” champions of ostracizing others because “they’ve been bullied” and are seeking revenge.

Rogan made the comments to comedian Shane Gillis, who was fired from Saturday Night Live in 2019 for past remarks many deemed offensive and homophobic.

“You know what the thing that’s going on with the left — a lot of it is, they’re being bullies and a lot of the people that are progressive, that are really like open-minded, unfortunately, there is a lot of people on the left that were bullied by assholes when they were young,” Rogan said on the July 21 episode of his
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