Fox Contributor on Biden’s Claim He Drove an 18-Wheeler: ‘It Used to Be a 23-Wheeler But Corn Pop Stole Five of the Wheels’

Fox News contributor Mark Steyn doled out a heaping helping of mockery to President Joe Biden for his long and well documented history of embellishing and lying about his accomplishments and experiences. Biden visited a Mack Truck facility in Scranton, Pennsylvania on Thursday and at one point he was recorded as saying, “I used to drive an 18-wheeler, man.”

When asked about the claim, the White House cited an article in a Delaware newspaper from 1973 indicating he once rode in an 18-wheeler.

Steyn appeared with Tucker Carlson later that night ready to deliver a fairly long bit. Carlson had played several clips of Biden telling tall tales and other questionable stories. These included Biden’s claims that he Read more…

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