Will Cain Bashes Media for Praising Simone Biles: They Made Mental Health a ‘Get Out of Jail Free Card’

The decision by US gymnast Simone Biles to withdraw from team competition at the Olympics earlier this week, quickly became a point of contention. Biles was praised by some for making the undoubtedly difficult decision to prioritize her mental health, while others questioned the four-time gold medalist’s toughness.

Fox News personality Will Cain joined The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show to bash the side of the media that offered Biles support.

“We are celebrating quitting,” Cain said. “I think Simone Biles deserves her own individual criticism, but without me knowing all of the details of whatever it is going with her, my focus and attention is way more on the reaction.”

According to Cain, there is a “deep
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