CNN’s Brianna Keilar Demolishes Piers Morgan for Simone Biles Critique: His ‘Only Athletic Claim to Fame’ is Running Off the Set During His Show

CNN’s Brianna Keilar tore into Piers Morgan after he penned a column critical of Simone Biles’ decision to withdraw from certain Olympic competitions — going after his “athletic claim to fame.”

The anchor first noted that Biles’ decision to step back came after she posted a score that was weaker than usual following an error on her vault landing. Unlike Biles’ haters, however — who attributed her withdrawal to an attempt at covering up the stumble — Keilar recognized that her less-than-stellar performance could be an indicator of her struggles with mental health.

Keilar then went after Morgan, as well as other Biles detractors, later noting that Biles is “the only survivor of [Larry] Nassar’s campaign of abuse representing her team USA,” and pointing
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