Fox Sports’ Doug Gottlieb Blasts the ‘Double Standard’ Protecting Simone Biles: Would We Have ‘Sympathy for LeBron?’

Simone Biles received support on social media after she stunned sports fans and withdrew from an Olympic event to focus on her mental health. According to Fox Sports radio host Doug Gottlieb, if Olympic athletes want to be put on the same playing field as stateside professional athletes, then Biles shouldn’t be protected for her decision.

“If we’re OK with Simone Biles saying, ‘hey, couldn’t go tonight. Mental health.’ Are we gonna be OK if LeBron says the same thing?” Gottlieb asked on Tuesday. “She’s the greatest gymnast going. He’s the greatest basketball player going. Why do we have sympathy for Simone Biles, but we wouldn’t have sympathy for LeBron James? It’s called a double standard!”

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