Fox Segment on Hunter Biden Gets Heated When Co-Host Brings Up Jared and Ivanka: ‘What They Did Is Preposterous’

Hunter Biden and his father’s administration are facing understandable scrutiny over the scheduled sales of paintings by the president’s son, who is expected to attend art shows and meet with potential buyers. The White House has said the buyers will remain anonymous.

Oon Friday, co-hosts of The Five ripped the sales, which one former head of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics slammed on Friday.

“What’s preventing someone who buys this art from texting Hunter Biden and being like, ‘I bought the art from you,’” Katie Pavlich pointed out. “There’s nothing preventing him to find out who these potential buyers are.”

Greg Gutfeld said the sales are creating a distraction for the Biden administration.

“You’re wondering how much does the White
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