WATCH: Don Lemon and Alisyn Camerota Bizarrely Promote CNN’s Sitcom Special As They Have a Blast Butchering TV Theme Songs

Screenshot via CNN.

CNN’s Don Lemon and Alisyn Camerota had an impromptu karaoke session Friday afternoon, as they didn’t just talk about their network’s upcoming special about television theme songs, but actually sang many of their favorites.

It was not great singing — and I write this with all the self-deprecation of someone who knows the limits of my own singing ability — but the two clearly had a blast.

“Over the past few months, our very own Don Lemon embarked on a grueling investigation trying to answer the pressing question, where have all the TV theme songs gone?” Camerota said, clearly tongue-in-cheek.

She asked Lemon what his favorite TV theme song was, and he replied The Brady Bunch.

“Could you hum a few bars?” asked
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