Tucker Carlson Issues Scathing ‘Happy Birthday’ to ‘Hutu Radio Network’ MSNBC, Accuses ‘Race Lady’ Joy Reid of Stoking Genocide

Tucker Carlson wished MSNBC a happy birthday on Thursday night … by comparing them to the “Hutu radio network” and blasting their anchors.

“MSNBC — the TV network, not the Schedule Three pharmaceutical — has a birthday today,” Carlson told his viewers. “The channel is 25 years old. That’s hard to believe, especially for those of us who remember the day it was born. Even at this advanced age, there are a lot of misconceptions about MSNBC. The first is that all of its anchors have been accused by a sitting president of murdering a young woman in a congressional office. That’s not true. It’s a myth, and we’d like to dispel it once and for all right now. The
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