Stephen Colbert Torches Don Jr After Failed CPAC Joke: ‘Guy Pointing Out That Cocaine is Technically a Vegetable’

Stephen Colbert was entirely unimpressed by Donald Trump Jr.’s recent attempt at humor — mocking his failed joke at Dallas’ CPAC conference this weekend.

After slamming Trump as, “Son of the former president and guy pointing out that cocaine is technically a vegetable,” the late-night host introduced his bombed quip.

“Texas has always led the charge,” Trump said at Friday’s conference — gaining some cheers. “Well til about like a couple of months ago and then Austin kind of took over.”

— Acyn (@Acyn) July 9, 2021

That disclaimer, which essentially praised one of the state’s most liberal cities, did not go over well with the conservative crowd.

“Like I don’t know guys, like Texas was leading the charge.
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