Lil Nas X Reveals Ripping His Pants on SNL Wasn’t the Only Embarrassing Moment of the Night

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Remember when Lil Nas X split his pants while working a stripper pole on Saturday Night Live? The rapper has since revealed that the onstage gaffe wasn’t the only embarrassing thing to happen that night.

In a new interview with the New York Times Magazine, Nas opened up about another mortifying feeling he felt the night he ripped his pants: Getting rejected by someone with a boyfriend.

“Aside from the wardrobe mishap, the show felt amazing,” wrote the Times’ Jazmine Hughes. “He had performed on freakin’ ‘S.N.L.’! He felt great. He felt like hitting on someone. So he shot his shot, sending a message to someone he had been chatting with online.”

Unfortunately for the rapper, his iconic
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