Did Trump Admit to Tax Fraud Charges During Saturday Rally? CNN’s Brianna Keilar Argues He Did

CNN’s Brianna Keilar suggested that former President Donald Trump admitted to the tax fraud charges against his company, particularly his CFO Allen Weiselberg, during a Saturday night political rally in Sarasota, Florida.

With a chyron that blared “TRUMP APPEARS TO ADMIT FACTS OF CASE AGAINST HIS COMPANY, CFO,” the producers of New Day ran footage of the former president arguing ignorance of the U.S. tax code while dismissing the charges against the Trump Org and its CFO.

“They go after good, hard-working people for not paying taxes on a company car,” Trump said. “Come on. You didn’t pay tax on the car. Or a company apartment. You used an apartment because you need an apartment because you have
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