CNN’s Jim Acosta Answers Trump’s Rally Question About Tax Evasion Charges: The People Who Put the Trump Org CFO In Handcuffs ‘Know the Answer to that Stuff’

Former President Donald Trump held a rally in Sarasota, Florida Saturday night, and openly pondered “does anybody know the answer to that stuff?” regarding if it’s required to pay taxes on company perks like a car or apartment, as the Trump Organization allegedly failed to do. CNN’s Jim Acosta had an answer for him: “People do know the answer to that stuff,” specifically the people who put Allen Weisselberg, the Trump Org’s chief financial officer, in handcuffs last week.

Acosta played a vide0 clip from Trump’s Sarasota event, noting that the former president “seemed to be confirming key pieces of the prosecution’s case against his namesake company and its CFO”:

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