Watch This Inexplicable Video of NYU Professor Scott Galloway Declaring Himself a Fan of ‘Nut and Bolt’ One Night Stands

A baffling video of NYU professor Scott Galloway, which was apparently posted and then deleted by Bloomberg, quickly made the Twitter rounds on Friday.

New York Times media reporter Katie Robertson blessed Twitter with the clip, asking if it gives viewers “insight into what to expect” when watching his new show on Bloomberg streaming service Quicktake.

Scott Galloway (⁦@profgalloway⁩) has a new show on Bloomberg’s ⁦@Quicktake⁩ streaming service and … this deleted video gives some … insight into what to expect?

— Katie Robertson (@katie_robertson) July 2, 2021

The video shows a shirtless Galloway wearing a hard hat and holding a mattock while revealing his sexual preferences, including an affinity for “one night stands.”

“The man of your dreams
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