Jeffree Star Says Rumors of Kanye West Romance Are FALSE: He is ‘Too Short For Me’

Beauty blogger Jeffree Star has once again shut down rumors that he hooked up with Kanye West, this time claiming that the rapper is “too short” for him.

The makeup guru sat down with Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Brianna LaPaglia for Barstool Sports podcast BFFs on Wednesday to set the record straight.

Portnoy asked Star if there was anything he should ask before they concluded, clarifying that he doesn’t like “being soft” when conducting interviews.

“Maybe the Kanye shit?” LaPaglia suggested. “Talk about that. That’s funny.”

“Oh my God … it is funny,” Star responded, before confirming that he “absolutely” did not hook up with West.

LaPaglia then called out Star for feeding into the rumors, likely referring to January 6 tweet:

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