WATCH: 87 Year-Old Chuck Grassley Busts Out 22 (!) Push-Ups With Tom Cotton

Well, this is not something anyone expected to see this late June morning.

Senator Chuck Grassley completed 22 push-ups next to Senator Tom Cotton during a Sioux Center, Iowa event designed to bring attention to the mental health of military veterans.

Writing for Fox News, David Aaro reports:

While on stage at the event in Sioux Center Tuesday, Grassley encouraged Cotton to join him and attempt 22 push-ups, in honor of the 22 veterans who commit suicide on average each day, he said.

“So he [Cotton] and I are gonna do 22 pushups,” Grassley said in front of roughly 200 Iowans.

“We are?” the 44-year-old Cotton joked.

“Well I’m 87 so you gotta give me a little leeway,” Grassley stated.

Senator Joni Ernst, who
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