‘I Have No Problem’ Calling Phil Jackson Racist: Scottie Pippen Vilifies Legendary NBA Coach During Interview with Dan Patrick

Hall-of-Fame basketball player and former sidekick to Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen is doubling down on his claim that legendary NBA coach Phil Jackson is racist.

Pippen made headlines last week, after his inflammatory interview with GQ sparked and rekindled controversies with Kevin Durant, Charles Barkley, Jordan and Jackson.

During the interview, Pippen revisited the 1994 NBA Playoffs and Jackson’s decision to draw up a potential game-winning shot for rookie Toni Kukoc against the New York Knicks. With Michael Jordan off playing baseball, the ’94 Bulls were Pippen’s team, leaving him incensed by the head coach’s play call.

After the shot was drawn up, Pippen refused to go back into the game and instead sat on the bench for
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