WATCH: Jill Biden Explains ‘Love’ Jacket — Widely Seen as Shot at Melania Trump’s ‘I Don’t Really Care’ Coat

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden was asked about a jacket — emblazoned with the word “LOVE” — that many saw as a shot at former First Lady Melania Trump, who infamosly wore a coat that carried a decidedly cooler message.

Mrs. Trump created a furor when she wore a coat with the words “I REALLY DON’T CARE DO U” painted on the back as she visited a child detention center in Texas, convincing some that it was a coded slap at her husband, and others that it was a chilly message to the migrant children she was about to visit.

So when Dr. Biden showed up in St. Ives sporting a black jacket with the word “LOVE” printed on
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