ABC’s Terry Moran Grills RNC Spox NINE Times On If He Accepts 2020 Election Results: ‘I’m Asking You to Affirm Our Constitution’

ABC News senior national correspondent Terry Moran repeatedly grilled RNC spokesperson Paris Dennard Tuesday over whether he accepts that the 2020 presidential election was legitimate.

The subject of the big lie has come up a lot this week, especially given how frequently Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R- WY) has called it out (and now may be kicked out of House GOP leadership for it).

Moran started by asking Dennard, “Do you accept the results of the 2020 election as legitimate?”

Dennard started to say, “What I do not accept is the fact there are…”

“That’s not the question I asked,” Moran immediately said. “It’s a yes or no question. This is the test in the country right now. So just so our audience
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