Woke CIA Video Hilariously Satirized By Comic: ‘While Other Girls Were Doing Acid, I Was the One Giving Them the Acid’

Comedian Blaire Erskine parodied this week’s “woke” recruitment video from the CIA, saying “women could do murder too.”

“I’ve never been like other girls,” Erskine says in the skit, as motivational music plays in the background.” You know, I’ve never done what the patriarchy wanted me to do. When I was a little girl playing Marco Polo in the pool with my friends, I would hold their heads underwater and make them tell me where Polo was. You know what I mean?”

Erskine, a left-wing figure who gained some acclaim during the 2020 election for her humorous sketches, also detailed other experiences that contributed to her decision to “work” for the CIA,
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