WATCH: WFAN’s Craig Carton Slams ‘Righteously Indignant A-Holes’ Attacking Him for Asking New Jets QB Zach Wilson About His ‘Hot Mom’

WFAN afternoon co-host Craig Carton caused an uproar last week when he asked 21-year-old NFL quarterback Zach Wilson about his ‘hot mom.’ But Carton has no plans of apologizing, blaming the backlash on his critics.

“I guarantee, the people that came out of the gate attacking me on it, were probably the same people that thought his mom was hot, they were ogling her,” Carton said. “They also, a far majority of them probably never heard [the interview], didn’t see it, don’t listen to the show. And this was their chance to be woke.”

Craig responds to the backlash he received for asking Zach Wilson a question about his mom

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