WATCH: Stephen A. Smith Struggles To Contain Emotions About Surging New York Knicks: ‘I Don’t Give A Damn About Objectivity!’

Stephen A. Smith usually tries to remain objective in his sports analysis and opinions. But when it comes to the New York Knicks, his objectivity gets tossed. ESPN’s premier talent is a fired-up Knicks fan and he doesn’t care who knows it.

“Brooklyn, what?! We coming Max, we coming!” Smith told his First Take co-host Max Kellerman, seemingly inviting New York’s most talented team, the Brooklyn Nets, to a playoff battle.

“Anything’s possible,” Smith said with a glowing smirk after Kellerman pressed him on whether or not the Knicks can make noise in the playoffs.

“I have never sat on this show and raved about the Knicks. Ever,” Smith said before raving about the Knicks. “But now? It’s legit! Are you
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