Tucker Carlson Goes After Kevin McCarthy for Being ‘Roommates’ WIth Frank Luntz: ‘Mystery Solved!’

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Tucker Carlson is not impressed with pollster Frank Luntz. Last week we went long on criticizing the well-known pollster who has long played a crucial role in framing many successful Republican platforms, but Carlson painted him in a far less charitable way, calling him a lobbyist for ‘Big Tech’ villainous overlords like Google.

On Monday, Carlson reported that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy shares a living space with Luntz, that was presented in an “Aha!” moment style that suggested a swampy relationship that explains all of America’s ills. Or something.

Carlson said Friday night, “Year after year on issue after issue, the leadership of the Republican party fails to represent its voters.” The reason, he argued, is partly
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