Nirvana Sued Over Iconic Dante’s Inferno Image by Heir of British Artist Claiming Copyright Infringement

Iconic rock band Nirvana may be All Apologies after facing a copyright infringement lawsuit over an illustration of the upper circles of Hell from Dante’s Inferno, which has been used on the group’s merchandise for over 30 thirty years.

The lawsuit, obtained by Rolling Stone magazine, centers on a C.W. Scott-Giles illustration from a 1949 English translation of Inferno.

It was filed by Jocelyn Susan Bundy is the granddaughter of Scott-Giles, who Rolling Stone identifies as the “sole surviving relative and sole successor-in-title to the copyright in the works created by her late grandfather.”

The drawing in question is a diagram of Upper Hell — the first five circles Dante ventures through in the Inferno with his guide,
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